CelloBag Jacquard Black Stars (see the photos for more colours and designs)


See the photos for more colours and designs.


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This classic cello bag is made of very thin lining for men’s suits woven in jacquard weave. The bag is simply slipped over the cello scroll from above and then falls down over the entire body almost by itself. It is therefore an uncomplicated alternative to our elaborate CelloCocoons, which are closed with a zip fastener, padded and cut to fit very precisely. The CelloBag, which closes at the endpin with a drawstring strap, is cut wide so that the cello can be packed away as quickly as possible. The satin-like fabric protects the instrument from minor scratches and moderate temperature fluctuations. From a technical point of view, it is elaborately made with a French seam (also called a right-left seam in German) so that it cannot snag on the instrument when it is put on. The fabric glides smoothly over the corners as well as down over the fine tuners of the tailpiece. The thinness of the material makes the bag completely uncomplicated to fit into all kinds of cases. It is offered in one size that all cellos will fit into. The CelloBag also exists as a luxurious version made of pure Italian silk satin. Please enquire if you are interested. Please understand that the CelloBag currently takes about 7-10 days to ship due to high demand. We do our best to process your order as quickly and carefully as possible.

The colour samples show the different designs and are of course available. Please send us an email at info@violincocoon.com if you would like to order a CelloBag in a colour other than black. We will get back to you as soon as possible. The tape measure shows centimetres.

Please note that the colours of our products may look slightly different on your monitor than the way they actually appear in natural light!

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Weight 100 g

one fits all


53 % acetate, 47 % viscose

Care Instructions

Please dry clean only.