CelloCocoon Luxe Cyclam

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This cocoon has an outer fabric of pure dupioni silk woven from cyclam coloured warp and weft threads. It is lined with a matching satin.

Our Cellococoon protects your instrument from extreme temperatures and humidity fluctuations. Modern, lightweight cello cases offer great protection against breakage, but are no longer insulated at all to save weight. Only a thin layer of carbon with felt overlay separates the cello from the driving snow through which you may have to walk to the concert in winter. We have designed a very figure-hugging cover that closes with a zip that goes from the top of the scroll along the right side of the fingerboard down to the lower nut. The outer fabric is either a cotton blend or pure silk, the middle layer is a 5 mm polyester fleece as used for ski jacket linings, and the flattering inner lining is satin or silk satin. Underneath the modern plastic zipper, an underlap is sewn in over the entire length to ensure that there is no contact with the varnish. The position of the zip along the side of the fingerboard, then leading over the right side of the bridge, thus far above the sensitive varnish, excludes contact with the sensitive surface. The pattern of the Cocoon consists of many parts, of which the lining part, which is directly above the fingerboard, is made of water-repellant material so that traces of rosin can be easily removed. The endpin is passed through a hole at the bottom of the cover. At this point, the cover is reinforced with leather on the inside so that even frequent contact with the spike tip does not damage the cocoon. Last but not least, there is a small loop on the outside of the neck area so that you can hang your cocoon on the coat rack during rehearsal.
The CelloCocoon is sewn in sizes 4/4 and 7/8. The full size is recommended for cellos with a normal body length of 75.5 cm – 77.0 cm and for wide models. The 7/8 Cocoon fits all delicate and narrow models with a body length of approx. 72.5 cm to 75.5 cm. In general, we recommend that you visit one of the violinmakers, which you can find under “Our Partners”, and have a fitting there with your cello to be sure that the CelloCocoon fits perfectly to your Cello and then both into your cello case. Delivery time if not in stock 4-5 weeks. Requests for other colours will be gladly accepted and implemented if possible.

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Weight 300 g



Exterior 100 % dupioni silk, lining 100% PE Satin, PE fleece

Care Instructions

Please dry clean only.