ViolinCocoon Arctic Winter Deluxe





Our new ViolinCocoon Arctic Winter – extra padded is constructed like a mummy sleeping bag for violins and protects your violin from extreme cold. It is lined with 5mm polyester fleece and is suitable for all players who have to take their instrument out on the road. The ViolinCocoon Arctic Winter keeps your violin at room temperature on the way to the concert/ opera/ violin lesson/ university or orchestra rehearsal and thus prevents it from suddenly cooling down. The pegs stay in place and the violin keeps its tuning. It has been designed especially for carbon fibre cases. Due to its volume, the ViolinCocoon Arctic Winter only fits into loose-fitting violin cases.

This deluxe model is made from precious blue silk decorated with cornflowers and it is lined with a matching crepe satin.

Please note that the colours may look different in natural light than on the monitor.

Additional information

Weight 140 g



100 % silk/PE Crepe Satin, PE fleece

Care Instructions

Please dry clean only.