ViolinCocoon Lotus Deluxe Vintage


Exterior made from 100% authentic japanese Kimono silk, lining made from silk.



This unique pink kimono silk fabric has small patterns woven into it, along with petrol-blue highlights. The inner lining is of petrol-blue silk that makes a typical rustling sound.
This cocoon is made partially or entirely of vintage materials. For our vintage line we use original silk kimono fabrics, but also a series of further upcycling materials. Such creations are always labelled with the term “vintage”. Vintage materials correspond with the current outlook of our times, with an increased demand for sustainability. They testify to a beauty that lasts through the ages: its value does not fade away in the eye of the beholder. These fabrics were either originally sewn into a beautiful piece of clothing, or they found their way to us from the reserve stocks of talented seamstresses. Of course these fabrics have been cleaned, but due to their historical nature they can show signs of wear and tear.

Please note that the colours of our products may look slightly different on your monitor than the way they actually appear in natural light!

Of this cocoon we have only made two specimens.

Additional information

Weight76 g



Exterior 100% authentic japanese kimono silk, lining 100%

Care Instructions

Please dry clean only.

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