ViolinCocoon Luxe Wolferl


Rock me, Amadeus!


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This cocoon was made from a very special cotton fabric from Komolka – Vienna. The design reveals a lot about the passions of the Viennese: Mozart and sweets. It sounds like a stereotypical prejudice, but unfortunately it’s true: pastries and sweets are very popular in the imperial city. The object pictured is iconic: the Mozartkugel is a confection made of chocolate, pistachios, marzipan and nougat. By its own account, it was created in 1890 by the Salzburg confectioner Paul Fürst and named after the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who had died almost 100 years earlier. The original name was Mozart-Bonbon. Our Wolferl-Cocoon is lined with an rose satin. It has a pink counterpart called Nannerl – Cocoon!

This cocoon is our only one made of pure cotton. Cotton tends to wrinkle. By fastening the violin in the case at the neck with ribbon or velcro, the fabric can develop slight wrinkles, but these can be ironed out on a low setting (low because of the lining!). Although cotton has this property, we could not leave the fabric at the dealer. We found it so enchanting.

Please note that the colours may look different in natural light than on the monitor.

Additional information

Weight 110 g



100% cotton, PE Satin

Care Instructions

Please dry clean only.