Use and care

The Violin Cocoon is designed on the basis of a folded pattern that is closely adapted to the instrument’s contours, gently enveloping it while avoiding any sort of closing mechanism or drawstring. Thus you don’t need to tie a string: the violin is laid inside the cocoon as if in a bed, and covered like a blanket. Start wrapping the instrument by putting the lower bout into the lower pouch first, then insert the scroll in the upper pouch and finish by covering the body gently with the two flaps. 

Please clean the rosin from the strings before you cover your instrument with the Cocoon.

If necessary please have your Cocoon dry cleaned only. Care instructions can be found on the paper label attached to the Cocoon.

To avoid damaging delicate, sensitive fabrics, please be careful when you fasten the velcro straps in the case around your instrument´s neck.

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