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ViolinCocoons are designed to effectively protect your instrument from external influences. They regulate humidity fluctuations, absorb temperature shock, and envelop your instrument’s sensitive surfaces with a soft, gentle covering. ViolinCocoons are fabricated by hand from the finest quality materials. We attach importance to the fact that these products are made under sustainable, socio-economically fair conditions in Austria.

Featuring a folded design, the Violin Cocoon Deluxe is made exclusively of natural materials that guarantee the best temperature for your instrument in summer and in winter. The summer model features two layers of pure silk that keep your instrument cool and regulate humidity. The winter model features a protective exterior warming layer made of wool, while the inner lining is made of pure silk. Our Fashion Model combines the advantages of our folded design with modern aesthetics: it features attractive fashion fabrics for the outer materials, and soft, gentle fabrics for the inner lining.


The Violin Cocoon is designed on the basis of a folded pattern that is closely adapted to the instrument’s contours, gently enveloping it while avoiding any sort of closing mechanism or drawstring. Thus you don’t need to tie a string: the violin is laid inside the cocoon as if in a bed, and covered like a blanket. Each cocoon has a protective inner lining and different types of outer material. Cocoons are available in a multitude of fabrics and designs, ranging from Cocoon Casual (from fashion design fabrics) to silk and wool models, all the way to vintage models made of old kimono fabrics or silk brocade.

Our Violin Bag is a conventional bag with a drawstring, made of elastic jersey fabrics without an inner lining, available in a multitude of bright colors and attractive designs. Our violin bags are available for children’s violins in sizes 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4.


Only the best materials are used for our cocoons and bags. We use silk, various satins, traditional Austrian costume fabrics, authentic kimono silks, jersey, brocade, alcantara, wool, deerskin and of course colourful fashion fabrics. As we only produce small series and unique pieces by hand, our designs change according to the availability of the fabrics. 

The Vintage Line is made partially or entirely of vintage materials. For the Lotus-Deluxe-Vintage Cocoon we use original silk kimono fabrics. But we also use a series of further upcycling materials. Vintage materials correspond with the current outlook of our times, with an increased demand for sustainability. They testify to a beauty that lasts through the ages: its value does not fade away in the eye of the beholder. These fabrics were either originally sewn into a beautiful piece of clothing, or they found their way to us from the reserve stocks of passionate seamstresses. Of course these fabrics have been cleaned, but due to their historical nature they can show signs of wear and tear. 

Please note that we cannot always ascertain the exact composition of materials in vintage fabrics.

About Us

The violin has been our passion for over 30 years. The idea of conceiving the perfect protective cover for valuable string instruments saw the light of day in our violin making workshop in Vienna. Customers often spoke to us about this subject, which inspired us to design the Violin Cocoon. Our product line is on display at Bellinghausen Violins, Viktorgasse 22/18, 1040 Wien (Vienna), in selected violin making workshops in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. You can e-mail us for more information:

Our seamstresses

Our Violin Cocoons are sewn in a sustainable, socio-economically fair business located in Vienna.

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