CelloEnvelope for spare strings Deluxe #1 Ahimsa -Japanese Cotton – Organic Non-Violent Silk


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This CelloEnvelope is made of Japanese cotton and a lining of champagne-coloured “Peace silk”. Two rare and precious fabrics have been combined here to create a little jewel. The lining silk consists of 60% pure silk and 40% banana fibres. The silk fibres come from organic silk farming.
Ahimsa is the name for the principle of non-violence, which in many cultures and religions of the East reflects the basic attitude of human beings towards living beings and nature. Peace Silk/Ahimsa silk means that the silk fibres are reeled from empty cocoons. Either the silkworms complete their transformation into moths and hatch out of the cocoon. Or the cocoon is cut open and the silkworm transformed into a butterfly can fly out. Only then are the cocoons processed.

Our new Violin- and Cello Envelopes are lovingly handcrafted little bags that are precisely matched to the dimensions of the string wraps. They are sewn in the timeless design of an envelope from two layers of fabric and can be closed with a small button. All buttons are taken from our collection of antique mother of pearl accessories. Replacement strings in original packaging as well as individual strings that you still want to keep for later use can be organised in the envelope instead of being left loose in the case.
The Violin/CelloEnvelopes are available in several versions: Made of two layers of Dupioni silk, made of original kimono fabric and lined with Shantung silk or made of colorful taffeta.
We thought for a long time about what we could do with the narrower stripes of the antique kimonos, as they are too narrow to be made into cocoons. They are just right for the Violin/CelloEnvelopes and so we can now apply the nose-to-tail principle known from haute cuisine to the precious kimono fabrics ;-)))) It is simply hard for us to throw away the enchanting little pieces of the precious fabrics. Little details like a lovingly sewn buttonhole and specially selected vintage buttons round off the design of these little practical beauties.

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Weight20 g

CelloEnvelope, Violin/ViolaEnvelope


100 % cotton/ 100 % silk

Care Instructions

Please dry clean only.

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